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If your airconditioning system isn't checked and serviced regularly, it can deteriorate causing, increased difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature, musty and damp odours as bacteria builds in the system, windows steaming up and damp inside your vehicle.
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Airconditioning Service
MOT & Annual Service Reminders
A winter check can save you breakdowns and expensive car repair bills by simply bringing your vehicle to us to look over. We will check the condition of your tyres, cooling system, fan belt, antifreeze strength and the condition of your battery and charging system.
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Winter Check
Make sure you never forget to renew your MOT in time. We offer free reminders for your annual Service or MOT. We can send an automated text, email or letter up to 30 days before your renewal is due. All we need is a few details and we will never pass the information given to any other party. Please ask at our reception and we will be pleased to help.
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We have just acquired the most advanced car diagnostic tool from Snap -on, designed specifically for car and commercial premises.